Company Background

When was Ryder System, Inc. founded?

Ryder was founded in 1933.

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What are Ryder’s primary businesses?

Ryder is a global leader in transportation and supply chain management solutions. Our business is divided into three business segments: Fleet Management Services (FMS), which provides full service leasing, contract maintenance, and commercial rental of trucks, tractors and trailers to customers primarily in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.; Dedicated Transportation Solutions (DTS) which provides vehicles and drivers as part of a dedicated transportation solution in the U.S., Supply Chain Solutions (SCS), which provides comprehensive supply chain solutions including distribution and transportation services throughout North America and Asia. Learn more by visiting Ryder 101.

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Who are Ryder’s customers?

Ryder’s customers range from small businesses to large international enterprises. These customers operate in a wide variety of industries, the most significant of which include automotive, electronics, transportation, grocery, lumber and wood products, food and beverage and home furnishings.

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How many people does Ryder employ worldwide?

As of December 31, 2015 Ryder employed approximately 33,100 full-time employees worldwide, of which 31,300 were employed in North America, 1,400 in Europe and 400 in Asia.

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How many unionized employees does Ryder have?

As of December 31, 2016, Ryder had approximately 4,100 out of 21,600 hourly employees organized by labor unions. Those employees organized by labor unions are principally represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, and the United Auto Workers, and their wages and benefits are governed by 98 labor agreements that are renegotiated periodically.

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What is Ryder’s year end? When are quarterly financial results released?

Our fiscal year end is December 31. To obtain the date of Ryder’s next earnings announcement, see our Calendar of Events.

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Does Ryder pay a dividend on its stock?

Dividends are paid on Ryder common shares as and when declared by the company’s Board of Directors. Click here to see Ryder’s Dividend History since 1989.

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Shareholder Services

Does the company offer a Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Plan?

The Shareowner Service Plus Plan is a direct stock purchase and dividend reinvestment plan for Ryder stock. The plan allows you to invest small amounts, automatically invest over time and generally save money on transaction fees. The plan is open to both new and existing shareholders. For more information or to enroll, click here for How to Invest in Ryder  or call Wells Fargo Shareowner Services at 1-866-927-3884.

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Who should I contact regarding a lost stock certificate?

Lost certificates should be reported to Wells Fargo Shareowner Services. The address and telephone for Wells Fargo are as follows:

Wells Fargo Shareowner Services Phone:
Shareowner Services 866-927-3884 (U.S.)
P.O. Box 64874 651-450-4064 (International)
St. Paul, MN 55164-0874

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Who should I contact regarding a lost dividend check?

Lost dividend checks should be reported to Wells Fargo Shareowner Services at the address and phone number shown above.

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What should I do in the event of a death of a shareholder?

In the event of death of a shareholder, please contact Wells Fargo Shareowner Services for the information and papers that need to be completed to get the shares transferred to the beneficiary's name.

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What if I have a change of address?

A change of address should be reported to Wells Fargo Shareowner Services at the address and phone number shown above.

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Historical Stock Information

What is the tax basis of my stock?

Ryder does not receive information on the cost shareholders pay for their stock. You should retain this information or obtain it from your broker.

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When has Ryder common stock split?

The most recent split was a 3-for-2 common stock split payable on May 12, 1986. This was Ryder's fourth stock split since going public.

This chart summarizes Ryder's four common stock splits since the initial public offering of Ryder common stock.

Record Date Payable Date Type of Split
March 24, 1969 April 28, 1969 2 for 1
April 27, 1972 April 27, 1972 2 for 1
March 7, 1985 March 20, 1985 2 for 1
May 12, 1986 May 12, 1986 3 for 2

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What was the date of the Aviall spin-off?

December 7, 1993

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What did Aviall stock close at on December 7, 1993?

Aviall stock closed at 16 1/8

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What did Ryder stock close at on December 7, 1993?

Ryder stock closed at 28.

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How much aggregate tax basis should be allocated to your Ryder Stock?

85.6512% of your aggregate tax basis should be allocated to your Ryder Stock.

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How much should be allocated to your Aviall Stock:?

14.3488% of your aggregate tax basis should be allocated to your Aviall Stock.

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Investor Relations

How do I obtain investor materials?

Ryder investor materials can be viewed or downloaded from the Investor Toolkit on this website. If you would prefer materials by mail, please click on Information Request.

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What stock research analysts cover Ryder?

See Analyst Coverage for a listing of firms, analyst names and contact information.

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How do I contact Ryder Investor Relations?

See Investor Contacts

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